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Realtime Workflows returning success before actually completing

Mar 15 at 11:57 PM
Are there any issues on the Process.callWorkflow function where the callback gets fired before a workflow actually completes running?

I've noticed this behavior happens on real-time workflows, I would have expected the callback to fire only when the workflow has actually completed running.

Re-Implementing the workflow as an action results in perfect execution every time, but this can be quite time-consuming for larger workflows as well from style POV, I'd prefer my actions were focused on performing a specific action rather than a big block of conditions and actions.

Here's an example of a callWorkflow getting to the callback and refreshing the page before the workflow has actually finished running. Same WF implemented as an Action works fine:
    function () { Alert.hide(); sdn.refreshPage();},
    function () { Alert.hide(); alert("Error executing workflow"); }